Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Primeval - Contest (3 Icons)

I made theese icons for my first LJ contest: Challenge 84: 4x04 on Primeval Icontest.

Ho fatto queste icone per il mio primo contest su LJ: Challenge 84: 4x04 su Primeval Icontest.

01. Lester & Abby 02. Abby & Rex 03. Worried Connor - -

And... (drum roll) I won!!!! For the second icon, the one with Abby & Rex, I won "best colour"!!!
E... (rullo di tamburi) ho vinto!!!! COn la seconda icona, quella con Abby e Rex, ho vinto il "best colour"!!!

Feel free to use and/or share these icons, but please:
- don't alter them
- save them on your own server, or on some free host (for example imageshack) - do no hotlink!
- give credit to
Thanks! :)

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