Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Sentinel, Star Trek & Other Fandoms (33 Icons)


actors&actresses: #01-03
the Sentinel: #01,14-28
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: #02,05
C.S.I.: #04
Star Trek: #06-13
Miscellaneous: #29-33

01. Garett Maggart 02. James Marsters 03. Christina Ricci 04. Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda) 05. Fool for love, episode 5x05*

06. Enterprise NCC-1701 ep1x27
(Star Trek TOS)
07. Enterprise N-01 ep1x01
(Star Trek ENT)
08. Enterprise NCC-1701 D (#1x01) 09. Captain Jean-Luc Picard (#1x01) 10. Data, my favourite character! (#1x01)

11. Data (#1x01) 12. Data (#1x01) 13. Guinan (#2x16) 14. Main characters 15. Blair from "Night Train" (ep06)

16. "Cypher" (ep05) 17. "Cypher" (ep05) 18. "Cypher" (ep05) 19. "Switchman" (ep01) 20. "Vow of Silence" (ep10)

21. "Vow of Silence" (ep10) 22. "Vow of Silence" (ep10) 23. "Reunion" (ep14) 24. "True Crime" (ep16) 25. Blair & Jim from "Blind Man"s Bluff" (ep22)

26. Blair from "Dead Drop" (ep26) 27. "Warriors" (ep35) 28. Bloopers 29. Books 30. Naufragio

31. Names 32. Courage 33. Robbie Williams -

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- give credit to
Thanks! :)

* With this icon I won in 2005 the Silver prize in Violent Icon Challange at Our Magic World.

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