Saturday, 16 February 2013

Science: Astronomy Picture of the Day (42(!!!) Wallpapers)

These wallpapers are a bit special, because they are not modified at all, I only took a few pictures from THIS site, and cut them in the right size to be a wallpaper (almost all are 1280x800). So it's a bit inappropriate to say that they are my creations, because my work wasn't much, but the images are really beautiful, so I wanted to share them anyway! If you click on the title of the wall, you can visit the page with the explanation of the image, to understand what we're watching! ;)

Questi wallpaper sono un po' speciali, perché non li ho modificati per niente, ho solo preso alune immagini da QUESTO sito, e le ho tagliare nelle giuste dimensioni per essere un wallpaper (quasi tutti sono 1280x800). Quin è un po' inappropriato dire che sono mie creazioni, perché non c'ho messo molto di mio, ma le immagini sono veramente belle, così ho voluto condividerle lo stesso! Se cliccate sui titoli dei wallpaper potete visitare la pagina con la spiegazione dell'immagine, per capire cosa stiamo guardando (solo in inglese, però!)! ;)

Saguaro Moon (1280x800) Pantheon Earth and Moon (1280x800) Earthrise (1280x800)

Venus by the Lake (1280x800) Minotaur Dawn (1280x800) Tungurahua Erupts (1280x800)

Planets over Lake (1280x800) A Dark and Stormy Night (1280x800) Milky Way 2 (1280x800)

Milky Way 1 (1280x800) Starry Night Castle 2 (1280x800) Starry Night Castle 1 (1280x800)

Aurora Over Alaska (1280x800) Hale-Bopp (1280x800) Geminids in 2007 (1280x800)

Lisbon Moonset (1280x800) The Big Dipper (1280x800) Earthrise (1280x800)

Endeavour to Orbit (1280x800) Forest and Sky (1280x800) Pigeon Point Lighthouse (1280x800)

Moon and Mars Tonight (1280x800) Earth at Night (1280x800) Earth at Night (1280x800)

The View from Everest 4 (1280x800) The View from Everest 3 (1280x800) The View from Everest 2 (1280x800)

The View from Everest 1 (1280x800) Raining Perseids (1280x800) Bright Planets Crescent Moon (1280x800)

Blue Crescent Moon (1280x800) Fog Bow (1280x800) Death Valley (1280x800)

Moon Meets Mercury (1280x800) Over the Ionian Sea (1280x800) Endeavour into the Night (1280x800)

An Alaskan Volcano Erupts (1280x800) New Solar System (1280x800) Antarctic Ice Sheet (1280x800)

Moonrise, Greece (1024x768) Tycho and Copernicus (1024x768) Moon Lightning (1280x800)

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